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You might of seen the salad chef on one of it’s numerous television commercials. I know I did and I tend not to pay attention to those as seen on TV advertisements.  After seeing the salad chef on television so many times and being the salad enthusiast that I am, I decided to give it a try. So I went online and ordered one myself because I couldn’t find the salad chef in stores anywhere.

Fortunately I was very pleasantly surprised when I received my salad chief, it was everything it claimed to be and more. It truly is versatile, compact and convenient. Even though I don’t think salad perpetration is as difficult as many make it out to be the salad chef makes it so much easier. The biggest advantage I find with the salad chef is the easy clean up, though I may find it easy to prepare salads, I absolutely hate having to worry about cleaning up after making one. So now with the salad chef instead of worrying about the mess I’ve made I can simply enjoy my freshly prepared salad.

Salad Chef


What you get & How it works:

The salad chef is made with easily cleaned dishwasher safe heavy duty plastic that is BPA free, this is a great feature because if you are as health conscious as I am, you don’t touch anything that isn’t BPA free. The slicing blades that come with the salad chef are extremely sharp and I’ve yet to find anything that it has problems slicing up, even a hard apple can be easily cut into pieces. Not only are the blades sharp enough to cut open any hard fruit or vegetable you may put in it, but they are also so sharp that they wouldn’t  crush your soft ripe fruits or vegetables either. Chopping anything with the salad chef is extremely easy, all you have to do is put your food on top of the bladed grid and push down with minimum force. The salad chef also has a spinning function on the lid that lets you mix your salad while in the container. This function is definitely useful for a mess free mixed salad.

Review conclusion:

So I absolutely recommend the salad chef to anyone that’s interested in making salads. The salad chef makes it so much easier to make salads and saves you so much time in both perpetration and clean up. And if your one of those that only buys the expensive prepackaged salads because they hate making them themselves, the salad chef will make it so you can save money while having a freshly prepared salad with ease.

The salad chef as seen on TV comes with:

  • Sturdy Slicing Lid
  • Large Serve & Store Container
  • Jumbo Slicing Blade with Safe Storage Sleeve
  • Recipe guide
  • Fresh Seal & Store Lid
  • Salad Chef Food Grater and Medium Slicing Blade with Safe Storage Sleeve

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